From Principal’s Desk

From Principal’s Desk

Teachers do not merely teach but they awaken a spirit, create an era of thinkers………

As wisdom…….. comes not from age , but from education and learning………….” (ANTON CHEKHOV)


Education plays a pivotal role in sensitizing young minds, making pursuit of excellence a way of life ….. a habits …..once formed die hard ….. A student must be rigorously encouraged to pursue excellence as means to fulfill one’s dreams ……

At VIS our strength is to impart a unique blend of leadership skills, a well defined curriculum with a focus on “Learning beyond Class room”…

Our journey till now has been of trust and appreciation of students and parents.

By highlighting the self esteem of the child understanding the needs, we as an institute are responsible to ensure positive and wholesome growth of robust minds and energetic healthy spirit of young learners.

It is my personal belief that every child is a winner and it is not impossible for our teaching fraternity whose self motivation is a means to an end to write a saga of success.

In nation building today our children are tomorrow’s stake holders, whom and whose future is to be safe guarded from harmful societal influences .

Let us create an environment of sound values and discipline to provide an opportunity to our children who, with their absolute faith in the secularism of our constitution shall rise above caste and creed to serve our generation with deep and abiding sense of duty for upholding our ethos of unity in diversity.

For ” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world “. (NELSON MENDALA)



Ruchika Luthra

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