• “Learning by doing” is our philosophy and to enhance learning experience at younger age Amity provides Activity rooms for middle classes and fully equipped labs for senior classes.


    Students of middle and secondary perform experiments in the Science Activity Rooms where they learn science by the method of “Learning by Doing”. Learning is further enhanced by hands on activities related to everyday science. Students also get an opportunity to apply their innovative ideas and enjoy the unexplored vistas of science.

    This activity lab is equipped to cater to 45 students at a time. The lab is well ventilated with a lot of natural light. .


    Physics Lab

    Amity takes pride in the fact that it has the most spacious and well equipped Physics Laboratory. The work space in the form of huge granite top tables and side tables with racks, are all provided with sockets for electricity connection. The lab also has a dark room to perform experiments. A small library of physics books is also maintained in the lab.


    Biology Lab

    The Biology Laboratory is well equipped with all instruments like microscopes, slides, stains, forceps, needle etc that are, required for performing experiments.


    Chemistry Lab

    Amity has a very spacious Chemistry Lab. The work area is in the form of huge granite top tables is provided with individual connection to burner, along with racks containing all reagents and chemicals used during the experiments.


    Computer Lab

    School offers well equipped labs for primary, middle and secondary school. Students use the lab resources to learn the use of different kinds of software to enhance their knowledge and showcase their creativity. Each class is given a demonstration using LCD Projectors for better understanding.All labs are air-conditioned and equipped with a firefighting system.


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