About Us

Victor International School

Victor International School is nestled in the lap of nature and is spread over 3.5 acres of land. It’s located on Panipat Barsat Road  at a 15- minute drive from Panipat City. The campus has been designed to meet the highest educational expectations of the society.

VIS is a true symbol of digital-age schooling. This scientifically planned campus offers an array of modern amenities to groom tomorrow’s global citizens. The well -designed campus offers technological advancements essential for the advancement of knowledge and learning in today’s era. Right from the first year of operation, the campus has every facility in place to suit academic pursuits, sports, creative and aesthetic endeavours of the students.

Victor International School is committed to meet the educational needs of K-12 students in this emerging world. The school believes in preparing children for life and equipping them with finer values of our rich cultural heritage with sound academic competencies. To achieve this, it has a strong infrastructural base, comprehensive curriculum and a technology-driven delivery mechanism. Achievements are not goals but merely milestones. VIS has this positive attitude and determined approach to grow surely and steadily following the ideologies of its management, with education, imagination, innovation.

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